Diamonds To Dazzle – Fun Hedge Play To Wealth Security


Diamonds To Dazzle – Fun Hedge Play To Wealth Security

You think you understand that the rapid rise of an expanding economy as China changes most all the rules. Some say that we may as well toss the old gentlemen’s rule book for curtain now. As well, on India and Brazil and those increasing other nations are witnessing a scramble for resources as diverse as common coal, copper, bronze, silver, gold and diamonds, is as natural as the dawn that follows the dark. And for these lucky and some times not so lucky nations it is indeed a new dawning.

After centuries of too many people and too few resources for the vast hordes to become all rich upon. Today in China as the capitalist wave surges to prominence on the Chinese coastal areas, many hundreds of millions inland live barely subsistent levels of existence, relegated to most living in dark poverty, while mere millions rise to owning their Shanghai condo, working modern in brilliant wealth. And thus, these new powers have expanding companies and the west finds that it is now often outbid.

Each month we learn of another company long considered of the west, or a particular nation, being purchased by an Asian company that finds it’s own Asian billions people market still needs to be expanded. And while these new brilliant people are applying their brains, resources they must buy from those who have the raw goods. And in hot desert Australia and in cold polar bear country in Canada new diamond finds of an abundance unforeseen have created a diamond rush that might remind you of California circa 1848.

Although the cry now is there are diamonds in them thar rocks. The basis of formulation and civilization and there fore stable contracts between contractor and state, such as Australia and Canada, deals on mutual benefit get worked out. But these are both democracies, and that makes such a huge difference to that once ugly world of blood diamonds, land mines, warlords. Not in Australia or Canada. We have Sergeant Preston of the Mounties and his sled dogs; the Australian version may involve a Australian Mountie, with one side hat brim folded down, with a kangaroo and a boomerang.

But in Canada, I had four daughters, all now grown with daughters of their own. And they all rode horses, figure skated, folk danced, and each contest required a new costume. Our daughters can spend hours dragging us from sequin store to costume store to here and there: it seems we spent more time worrying about the impression we would make, than actual time spent getting the performance closer my God to perfect. Yet now you could think what a song any daughters would have sung, if these low bid loose diamonds net sites had existed when they were happy with mere sequins.

Just in case you are not aware how many of the unusually smaller clumped Canadian diamonds allow for basement bargain bin odd lot specials in most diamond sites we will say it again. You could purchase a bundle of lower cost smaller diamonds from one of these downtown warehouse bins, purchase a small burgundy bag, and present to the angel in your life. Or angels. A few habits of this, and you know which angel will curious georgina herself in front of an appraiser, who confirms she has the security deposit for her own new condo, you big lunk.

And if you survive to see that moment or even if not so what. When you arrive, you know her eyes are going to sparkle like diamonds, in her thanks to you and there you are. And so if a diamond soul begets a diamond heart, that is what makes you a diamond. Even only if in her eyes that could make you live happily ever after. As warm deep loving feelings envelopes you, bliss is in the giving, from when the receiving flows. Your diamond purchase now will slowly attain the inflation protected perfection in your portfolio: enjoy.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics,
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