Children Enjoy Playing The Game Of Soccer

by HSmade

Children Enjoy Playing The Game Of Soccer

People all over the world like to play the game of soccer, but children are usually the ones that play it the most. Parents usually have no objection to even a young child joining a soccer team because they feel that it will give them some good exercise. Most adults do not find running around a field chasing a ball interesting, however, but little children have a great amount of fun while doing it.

Most of the adults at a soccer game like to watch their children as they play the game. They like knowing that their child has learned how to play because they have demonstrated that they know the object of the game. With each goal that is scored, the children have shown that they know how to get the ball past the goalie and into the net of the opposing team.

The children will also know all about the scoring system that is used to play soccer. Every goal scores a point and whenever a teams gets two points ahead of the opposing team, then the winner of the game will be announced. They might already know who the winner is by the amount of yelling and screaming that is being done by that team and the spectators that are their fans.

Children learn to play soccer by learning about the number of players are on the teams. There are eleven people on a team, and the children know by heart that there are ten in the field and one in front of the team’s goal. The children will usually refer to this teammate as the goalie and perhaps by a nickname or two during the game. The goalie is a very special member of the team because the goalie is the only player allowed to use their hands, feet and parts of their body to make contact with a ball during a soccer game.

The children will also learn that everyone else on the team can hit the ball but they must only use their feet to hit. They also learn rather quickly that they can control the ball with their feet just as easily as they could if they could use their hands, but that perfecting that control will require hours of practice on the playing field or anywhere else that they like. They know also that they can cause a foul if they forget and use their hands during a game.

Small children and teenagers like to play this game because they think it is a lot of fun. They like the excitement that comes with playing this sport and the times after the game when all of their teammates get together and relax a while over burgers and drinks and a game of football or some other sport. Great friendships are formed when children play soccer and parents like that most of all.

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